How To Show Your Employees You Care

Today, March 3, is Employee Appreciation Day. Feeling appreciated and valued in the workplace is one of the top motivators for employees. This can take forms such as feeling seen by their employer and organization, feeling connected to the team, and feeling like their work is recognized. Unfortunately, workplaces that lack these qualities can often be a deal breaker for employees who are looking to join the team or looking to move on from their workplace.

If you are an employer who is wondering how you can show your employees that they are appreciated and valued, then look no further. Here is a helpful guide that will provide you with a few tips to implement to show your team that you care.


  • Schedule regular check in’s

You might be thinking that the last thing you need is another meeting on your agenda. However, I would argue that this might be one of the most important meetings in your weekly schedule. Research has shown that regular check in’s with your employees will improve communication, increase feelings of connection and support employee retention. Not to mention, this will help you feel more in the loop with your team. Modeling this behavior also promotes more engagement with your team, and your employees are more likely to come to you with issues they are facing.


  • Create opportunities

Professional development opportunities such as collaborating on a project with you can show your team that you trust their ability to act in a professional manner representing you, and the company. This also shows your team that you have confidence in their skills, and their potential to grow in their role. Another opportunity could be to extend an invitation to a big meeting or convention coming up that your employee might benefit from attending. These opportunities build trust and can improve performance on your team, as it shows that you recognize their capacity to take on new challenges.


  • Recognize your team’s efforts

Recognition may seem obvious, but I’m here to give you a few ideas on how to execute this! Try giving more compliments to your team members, whether it be verbally or as a shout-out in an email. This will motivate your team, and support your employees’ confidence in their own work. Another way to recognize your team’s efforts is to bring a treat to work. Grabbing coffee or muffins one morning shows that you will go the extra mile for your team and that you care and are grateful for their hard work. These small ways of showing your employees you care will strengthen the relationship you have with them, and their relationship with their work.

Remember that employee appreciation should happen more than one day a year, and by implementing small changes to a routine you can greatly impact your team dynamic. Take a second to reflect on what you currently value as an employer, and what you used to value as an employee in the workplace. Have an open conversation with your team about their needs, and what your needs are too. Ultimately, promoting communication will build a strong foundation for more values to be built upon.