Emerging Protections for Canadian Job Seekers

Job hunting can often be a challenging experience for job seekers. Depending on the company and the job posting, candidates may encounter various obstacles, such as not being able to see the pay rate or not hearing back from the company about whether the posting is still open or has been filled. These factors can ultimately leave job seekers feeling uncertain about the status of their applications due to the lack of transparency. 


In 2023, the governments of Ontario and British Columbia introduced measures to protect job seekers. The Ontario government mandated that companies that use AI to screen job applications disclose this information to job seekers. Meanwhile, the BC government introduced pay transparency laws that require employers to include salary or wage range information on all publicly advertised job postings. These measures aim to make the job search process more transparent and less frustrating for job seekers. 


However, there are still concerns about the effectiveness of these measures. Job seekers may not feel fully informed if they only know that AI algorithms were used to screen their applications and that the risk of discrimination still exists. Similarly, employers who use broad salary ranges may meet the legal requirements but not the spirit of pay transparency laws. 


Therefore, in 2024, the Ontario government plans to introduce legislation regarding “ghost jobs.” This new law will require employers to disclose in their job postings whether the position exists and needs to be filled or if the posting is to find candidates for potential openings in the future. This measure will provide additional clarity to job seekers, making the job search process more transparent and less frustrating. 


These changes benefit both job seekers and employers. With increased transparency and reduced frustration, job seekers can focus on finding the right job opportunities to advance their careers. In contrast, employers can more quickly and accurately find suitable candidates for their job openings. As we move into 2024, we can expect to see more initiatives to support job seekers and improve the hiring process.


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